Friday, October 1, 2010

Do I Need A Electronic Resume?

Have you ever tried to cut/paste your resume into the body of an email or paste it on a online application, only to find it looks unorganized and nothing like your resume?

With recent technological advances it is important to be sure you have a "Electronic Resume" on hand if an organization should request that type of resume. The reason they do this is because this format allows the organization to search, store and select from a large database of resumes by entering key words, experience and education they are seeking. Also, you will see many job search engines that allow you to paste your resume rather than allowing you to upload your document.

** I want to point out- if any organization or job search engine allows you to upload with a PDF - DO IT!! It allows the resume to be viewed exactly how you created it!

To make a electronic resume, you can create it in a plain text ( the file etension .txt) or rich text format (.rtf) . That way the document formatting can not be stripped out by e-mail readers and without formatting errors.