Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Many of my clients that I write resumes for always ask me advice on job search engines. I decided today I will put down my top five favorite job search engines that I like because even though I love Monster, CareerBuilder and Yahoo... I feel that you have to look further. These sites below are not specific for one industry so anyone can use them. It continues to amaze me how far advanced technology is and how many resources there are for job seekers.

1. - This is my favorite job search engine because it aggregates material from all other sites like Monster, Career Builder , your local paper, company websites, associations and more! All you have to do is put in your location and key words.

2.) - This website also aggregates material from all other sites but takes it a step further and allows the job seeker to send their resumes out on posting 5 other sites for free.

3.) - This website is like the above mentioned but it hooks different organizations together in your community. This makes it easy to find local leads for job searching. This site claims to be the " largest network of niche career communities".

4.) Craigslist - This site basically is the " Grand-Daddy" of all online classifieds. It will give the job seeker an easy way to search their local area. It is not the "best" looking search engine but millions of companies post to this website because it is so cost effective and so many people use Craigslist!

5.) Hound - This site is like a gem waiting to be discovered among the job search engines. This site aggregates jobs posted on employer's websites which is great because it will pull more jobs as it is not "Pay to Post" for employers like Monster or CareerBuilder.

Below are also some excellent job search engines. Looking for a new career can be a lot of work but with a great resume and the ability to use all of these websites it gives you a great start!

JUJU- (Job search engine)
Ladders - This one I think has a fee of $30.00 per month.