Monday, August 31, 2009

Submitting Resumes via Email

If you are seeking a new career and you do not see a position advertised online or in the paper, it is time to take the next step and proactively market your resume. I have a quick tip that will help you get started with this process if you are new to marketing your resume.

Always research online or call the company to get the name of the hiring manager for the department in which you would like to work with. Company websites usually have the "About Us" page with links to different departments and names of contacts. Once you have a name, type the name into a search. Most likely, you will find some contact information through one of the search results.

If you cannot get their email but you have their name, try to call the front desk and ask for their email. I also always recommend when you send your online application or resume electronically and if you feel "unsure" if the hiring manager received it, send it both via fax and regular mail!