Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Top Interview Tip

I want to encourage everyone who gets an interview to make sure you dress your absolute BEST! I always recommend wearing a pant suit (black, tan or navy) or if you can not, try invest in a plain pair of black wide leg dress pants for females and dressy black pants for men ( You can always wear them at other important functions in your life). Even if the work environment is not a "suit" type of place, you want to impress. I remember at an HR training course, they said when someone comes to an interview, that will most likely be the very best you will see them! If you think about it, that probably is true. Five years ago, maybe even 3 years ago it was always recommended to dress according to "the organizations dress code" for the interview. However, the economy has changed everything about the interview process. So once you get that interview...make sure you look nice, clean and dressed professionally. Another quick tip...always wear closed toe shoes and keep cologne to a minimum. As you meet the interviewer greet them with a warm smile, initiate a firm hand shake and look directly in their eyes! First impression is everything!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Chronological or Functional Resume?

Another tip I would like to offer everyone is the explanation of the different resume formats. There are three different resume formats. Chronological, Functional and a combination of both.

  • A Chronological Resume will describe who you are but the main section of the resume will show your work history with the most recent position listed first. Most employers, recruiters and hiring managers prefer this type of resume because it is easy to read and clearly defines the type of positions you have held with dates.
  • A Functional Resume will focus more on your accomplishments, experiences and skill set rather than the traditional format of listing job positions first. This type of format is excellent when you are changing careers or entering a new field.
  • A Combination Resume will combine both formats above. This a excellent type of format but please be advised, if this is not done by a professional resume writer it can look messy and confusing so my recommendation when using this format would be to research samples and seek advice. It can make a very bold and creative statement, thus selling you and getting the interview, however it can be tricky.
I like to use all three depending on the clients situation. No matter which format you may choose, as I talked about below you do not just want to ever write your work history...always be creative and write all your accomplishments rather than your responsibilities!

I wanted to share with you an example of a quick success story in carefully writing a resume. My mom who is just re-entering the job market after essentially taking off 15 years to raise all her children asked me to write her resume for her last week. Of course the pressure was on...this was my MOM and I wanted it absolutely perfect!! All my heart and soul went into this. We really targeted all her past working accomplishments she had when working with GE and I also focused on the accomplishments and difference she has made in all her charity organizations she stayed active in. I felt we made a resume that sold who she really was and it was strategic. In her case it was a Chronological Resume. Her resume was finished last week and I am happy to report she had her first interview today with a bank in the finance department working on spreadsheets and administration! Keep your fingers crossed she gets the job!! I feel this goes to show, even in this market, whatever your experiences may be can get a interview with the right resume!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


From my experiences working as a recruiter and a human resources manager, I feel the biggest mistake individuals make when writing a resume is that they think of their resume as a "history of their past or as a personal statement. Yes, most of the content of may resume should be focused on your job history however; the intention of a resume is to create interest, to sell yourself to persuade the employer to call you! Currently, in 2009, research is showing that typically only one interview is granted for every 200 resumes received by the average employer. Leaving them approximately ten to 20 seconds reviewing the resume! My point is time to get creative and build a resume specific for the job!