Friday, November 13, 2009

Resume Tip For Font Size

I can't tell you how many resumes I have seen and currently see when the font size is too small, thus making it challenging to read a resume. As a previous hiring manager in Human Resources, I typically only took about 5 seconds to first glance over the resume- sometimes 10 seconds MAX before I decided if it the candidate was going to go any further in the process. One of the largest mistakes people make is making their font size smaller to fit everything on the first page. As a rule of thumb font should never be smaller than 11. Ideal would be font size 12 as it is easy to read. Always keep your type of font the same such as all Arial or Times New Roman. I would recommend also making your name at the top stand out in 16 font size because it grabs the hiring manager's attention verses trying to make it jazzy or funky to stand out. Last but not least - do not use a lot of italics and underlining!