Friday, October 1, 2010

Do I Need A Electronic Resume?

Have you ever tried to cut/paste your resume into the body of an email or paste it on a online application, only to find it looks unorganized and nothing like your resume?

With recent technological advances it is important to be sure you have a "Electronic Resume" on hand if an organization should request that type of resume. The reason they do this is because this format allows the organization to search, store and select from a large database of resumes by entering key words, experience and education they are seeking. Also, you will see many job search engines that allow you to paste your resume rather than allowing you to upload your document.

** I want to point out- if any organization or job search engine allows you to upload with a PDF - DO IT!! It allows the resume to be viewed exactly how you created it!

To make a electronic resume, you can create it in a plain text ( the file etension .txt) or rich text format (.rtf) . That way the document formatting can not be stripped out by e-mail readers and without formatting errors.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Words That Are In Your Resume Are Critical !

Make sure that you always have actions words in your resume such as: Spearheaded, Collaborated, Championed, Awarded, Facilitated..... rather than just writing words that are most common such as Participates, Handled, Provided.

This is a great site that shows thousands of Action Words that you can apply to your resume.

Avoid long sentences, shorten them with bullets.

Do not list references on a resume - most employers know that they are going to ask for these and that you will supply them once they get to that point in the hiring process.

Always have a title under your name header that uses the words that are described in the job description and PLEASE ensure that it matches your experience. An example would be to center the words: "Sales & Executive Business Operations Professional" or "IT Sales Management". This will ensure immediately, the first thing they see is what you can do!

Never put hobbies on your resume or personal information! Also, unless you are directly out of school without alot of experience, it is not necessary to include your GPA or sororities...etc....

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Whether you are writing your first resume or updating an older one, remember to stop and think about which key words to add to your resume. You could get lost in the sea of applications if you do not make your qualifications and key words pop out to the hiring managers.

To do this, focus on the open job announcement's "QUALIFICATIONS, SKILLS and REQUIREMENTS". This may take some time because it is important to have the resume geared exactly for the open position!

Your resume needs to pass that initial scan test from hiring managers and recruiters. From my human resources and recruiting experience, the first thing that is looked at when scanning the resume is "the qualifications". Showing that you are qualified will help you make it to the next step in reviewing your resume - you do this with key words! You want to ensure the critical information jumps out off the page!

If you would like a free review of your resume, I would be happy to look at and give you feedback.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thank You Follow Up Letter- Is It Necessary?

Now that you have succeeded with a phone interview/email interview/ or face to face are you wondering if you should send a thank you letter? YES...YES..YES....

The number one reason that you should send one immediately within 48 hours of the interview is because it BRINGS YOUR NAME and qualifications back in the frontline of the hiring manager!
Writing a thank you follow up letter also gives you an opportunity to clarify anything that you discussed and highlight any useful detals that you may have forgotten to mention.
It shows that YOU WANT THE JOB and it also puts you one step ahead of anyone who does not send one.

Sending a thank you letters shows initiative, follow through and professionalism- everything a hiring manager and organization want to see!

If you need additional assistance with this, please do not hestitate to contact me!